Our wines

Our wines

Although uncommon, it is attractive for us and has proved itself to present our wines in the form of cuvees.

Ewald Tscheppe: "With cuvees, I can bring out the complexity of our vineyards exactly as they appear. My work in the cellar remains unmanipulative. I save myself the variety regulations, conceptions and expectations that the mechanised wine industry has developed. All I want is to extract the complete potential of a grape and bring it into harmony in the wine."

This may be a challenging thought for the wine-lover. But all a wine drinker needs is an open mind and curiosity to discover and enjoy the rich facets of a cuvee. Therefore, wine for highest standards.

Our assortment:

Legoth - Ex vero
Ex vero I

These two wines present our basic assortment. For them, we take grapes harvested on the best-selected days. The soil of these vines is somewhat heavier, due to a higher percentage of clay. This clay brings more robust growth of the vine, which presents itself in a simpler structure of the wine.

Ex vero II
This wine is a rise in grade from Ex vero I. The vines for this wine stand on sparser soil. This reflects itself in weaker growth of the vine and in turn less yield: however, significantly more complexity.

Ex vero III
Handpicked, as with all our wines, these grapes stem from our sparsest soil. The vineyard location is steep and bowl-shaped in a southerly direction. This is, again, a further rise in quality, bringing a very fine wine, more closely woven and complex than our Ex vero II.

EX VERO (Latin) means: "from the true and genuine, totally real".

We express with this the philosophy of our estate.